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Starting a Blog/Online Business

Web HostingSite Ground

The same hosting platform that both this site and my Facebook Ads agency live.





Pat Flynn’s Course Smart From Scratch
Leah Gervais Course On Brand Building

Getting out of debt

Dear Debt

Sell On Amazon

The Complete Process I Use To Sell On Amazon FBA
The Selling Family

Tools For Amazon

It’s true, I spent years using my bathroom scale. It works for the most part, however, sometimes, things are too light and don’t register. Not only that, it requires skill to get the box on the scale, get it off quick enough to see the weight, and not hurt yourself. This makes it SO much easier.

Every other seller I knew told me about these things for a long long time. I, of course, kept using my fingernails thinking “hey it’s free”. I’m so glad my cheap self bought these less than $7 tools because they save so much time and frustration.

Get more tape, seriously however much you think you’re going to use, just go ahead and double it. This is easily the largest expense of our Amazon FBA business, other than the inventory itself.

Save Money


Get In Shape

Nerd Fitness
Aeon Strength

Rideshare Driving

6 Questions Everyone Asks About Driving For Uber And Lyft
The Rideshare Guy
Maximum Ridesharing Profits Course