A Review Of 2017 And My 2018 Goals

What an exciting year I’ve had.

I left my job of 11 years to focus on my business full time.

I also didn’t put up a single debt update, health update, or really anything of substance towards my goals.

I’m now location independent as I can work from anywhere but I still have a long way to go towards financial independence.

Here is a quick look at my income for the year. The only real cost for the year was from Amazon FBA the rest have very little cost involved other than time.

Rideshare: $0.00
Blog: $14.11
Freelance: $13,756.53
Amazon: $15,562.29 cost $14,306.48
Misc.: $1,233.22
Income Total $30,566.15 2016 ($16,566.91 More than 2016)

Total Revenue (Before Expenses): $48,809.11 (70% Amazon 28% Freelance)

I Am The Future Me LLC.

So first thing of big importance is that I’m actually a business, not just a sole proprietor.

Not that it matters from my reader’s standpoint because nothing has changed it’s more for legal and tax purposes than anything else.

That being said in the years to come I will actually treat my business as a business, more on that later.

For now, let’s break down the business from 2017

Rideshare Driving Is Not For Me But Should Be

I was surprised that I didn’t make one single penny of rideshare income in 2017.

At this point, I want to go out and drive this weekend just so I can keep this income on the list.

Not only because I recommend people start driving and if I haven’t done it in a year than how can I really tell people what it’s like?

As I’ve mentioned before rideshare driving is an important way to help with your financial future and problems. I have had a lot of personal and business things going on and haven’t gone driving for a while.

What Exactly Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is kind of a broad statement. If you have ever fixed someone’s computer or cooked for someone or really done anything that you don’t work for a company and got paid then that’s freelancing.

For me, it mostly consists of taking care of VA (Virtual Assistant) work. I go through one client’s email and make sure that anything they need to take care of gets done.

Also, I help this client with their marketing and sales for things like sponsored posts, affiliates, and anything else they ask for.

I have other clients I do similar work for, and some I would like to work for. My skills are not as I would like them and so it takes time to find a client willing to work with me.

Is Amazon Worth It?

So if you were to subtract the cost from the income then Amazon made me a total of $1,255.81 not even one month’s bills.

Some people would argue that Amazon isn’t worth the work that goes into it and if you were to look at just the numbers I would completely agree with you.

A large portion of the problem with that mindset though is that for the entire year of 2016 I continued to put the profit into the business.

So, say the profit was $200, I then used that to buy more product. Then I used all the profit for the year in November and December to have large income numbers in December.

Due to that and mistake I made my Amazon income was decreased in December but will be very high in January.

Overall, it balances out and I’m happy with the outcome but it doesn’t look good on paper right now. I hope that won’t be the case at the end of 2018

Will This Site Ever Make Money?

Running this site costs about $120 a year for hosting and security and such and I would really love to make enough from the site to balance that out.

So how will this site make me money? First, I think I’m just going to get rid of the ads on the site since it isn’t making any money anyway.

Second, affiliates will be my big push this year. I love affiliates because it’s a benefit to the audience and a benefit to me.

Third, sponsored posts. I’m not a huge fan of sponsored posts but I’m also not opposed to them as the business grows in order to pay the bills.

2018 Goals

2017 is behind us and there is nothing we can do to get it back, now is the time to focus on the future.

So, here are my goals for 2018


$250,000 between Amazon FBA, Freelancing, and Blog income.

I plan to do this in a 50/40/10 split or $125,000 in Amazon sales, $100,000 Freelancing and $25,000 through Blog Income

How will I do this? Amazon is going to be a constant work. I now have working capital and don’t have to wait for money to come in for me to go out and find the product.

Without that restriction, it will decrease the timeframe of making money from Amazon and increase the sales.

My freelancing clients are pretty set for the year however, I get paid commissions for a large portion of the work which means I just need to focus on that client work and get it all done.

Not exactly easy but doable.

Finally, the blog income which has never been more than $50 for a year at $25,000? Sounds absolutely crazy even to me but I really feel if I focus, and bring help to others, that the income will follow.

A portion of that I’m hoping comes from my new Podcast I Am The Future Me which goes into more detail with interviews with people who have accomplished some amazing things.


My health has always been an issue for me. This year though I’m going to take care of it.

I’ve recently started eating better, including being gluten-free, and that already has had some major changes.

Starting next week there will be an update once a quarter on my health. My weight, BMI, what I’m doing and what I will do to improve.

I really don’t want to put this information out, but at the same time, I think it will help keep me accountable.

Conferences I’m Going To

I’m also going to attend more conferences than ever before. Not just for fun (which they are) but also to learn and grow to bring more benefit to my readers.

The Conferences I’ll be attending currently include:

Fame And Profit
Podcast Movement
Agents of Change

If you plan on going to any of these please let me know and I would love to meet up.


This site was built on the idea that I would be getting out of debt, that then became me getting out of my 9 to 5 and becoming location independent.

But this year is the year I will be debt free.

Coming up there will be a very detailed look at my finances and how they really haven’t changed all that much yet again. But now there is forward movement and I’m really very excited about it.


Once I get out of debt, this year, investing will start. I plan on doing a mix of index investing, and dividend investing (taking after my good friend Jason)



One thought on “A Review Of 2017 And My 2018 Goals”

  1. Stumbled across your blog through the GrowthLab comments – thought I’d say hi. Looks like some big (but good) goals for the year ahead!

    I have some side projects I want to ship this year. I have launch dates and quarterly goals that I’m trying to hit – and I’ll do a self-quarterly review to make sure I’m hitting them. But basically, I’m treating each project like a product sprint. What needs to get done today/tomorrow/this week/this month to ship this thing? So far, so good.

    The next big thing is health because I think it affects everything else. No more energy drinks, and cardio at least 4 days a week. From past experience I know that it helps me be more high energy throughout the day.

    Anyway, happy new year! And cheers to hitting your goals this year!

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