A review of the First Quarter of 2018

Q1 Review

The end of quarter one for 2018 (Q1 from here on out) is coming to an end.

I spent a lot of time coming up with the ideas, concepts, and plans for Q1. I had projections on traffic and income for the months.

Even though I’ve done very well, I’m still far below where I want to be.

Let’s dive into Q1

Q1 Goals And Results

I had 2 main things I wanted to accomplish in Q1. First, I wanted to start my podcast and keep up with it and all other avenues of content I produce (blog posts, emails, etc.).

Second, I wanted to do $2,000 in affiliate sales, which comes to about $667 a month.

Keep in mind before 2018 my average for affiliate sales was $4.12 a month, so it would be a huge increase.

So, how did I do? In some ways, I failed on all accounts. I have already missed 2 podcast episodes this year, at least 3 blog posts, and 3 emails that were supposed to go out.

In addition, I did a total of $100 in affiliate income.

What Happened In Q1?

That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing, on the contrary, I’m very busy all the time.

Client work takes up the majority of my time, it’s also the majority of my income so that makes sense.

When it comes to content creation, I keep saying I’m going to get ahead. One of my goals is to be working on Q1 of 2019 content in Q4 of 2018. That way all the content is done ready to go and I just have to click “publish” every month.

But, here I am writing this article the same day it’s coming out, and really with no theme or idea in place.

With the podcast, I was months ahead when I started and then I just let it fall to the wayside, and now I’m again striving to get the work done at the last minute rather than getting ahead and letting the business run.

Now, the reason I want to actually focus on content and get it done ahead is not so the business can just run while I collect income and sit on the beach.

First off, I don’t like the beach. It’s too hot and humid, I’m a pasty white guy who gets severely burned in about 2 minutes, and sand is everywhere for at least 3 months after you go.

Second, the reason I want to have the content ready is so that I make sure it’s actually benefiting you.

Right now I’m writing and posting usually the same day. I can do some research and reflection but I don’t get to do interviews or dig deep into certain topics.

By creating and working on content months ahead of time, that gives me the time to really focus and help you even better.

The Rest Of The Year

Q2 is starting in just over a 2 weeks and the content schedule is still in work.

I have several guests lined up for the podcast, a few blog post ideas ready, and a free ebook or even course that will come out at the end of it.

I am looking ahead all the time but I want to spend the entire month of April getting the content done for the entire quarter. It’s a lot of upfront work but I’m hoping it can be done.

After that May will be dedicated to Q3. June won’t be spent working on Q4 instead I’ll work on the course I want to make.


Things have not worked how I thought they would, and they never have. Some things work better, and some work so much worse. I just keep moving along and making sure that I move the needle forward.

Do the same.

You can spend time and create the best plan ever…on paper. But, it all falls apart. That doesn’t mean you failed, only that you have found another way to get to where you want to get.

When I started this blog, I thought I would be the next rideshare guy. That quickly changed and now I focus on all kinds of things.

You never know where you’ll end up.

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