Strange Ways I Make Extra Money

Making extra money is important for getting out of debt and reaching financial freedom. I have my main ways of making money. I also have other less profitable ways that make me money. Here are a few of them and how much I make from each.

A few of these are the “misc. income” on my income reports.


To sign up for Ebates click here

If you do any kind of shopping online than you need to sign up for Ebates. They literally pay you money for buying things. It sounds to good to be true but it really does work.

This is perfect for me as I do A LOT of shopping online for my Amazon FBA business. Online sourcing is a huge part of my business and spending money is the only way to make money. So Ebates becomes a way to get “free money”.

I recently got an amazing deal from a company I source from so much so that I tripled the amount I was going to order. Not only did I get 20% off my already discounted price, I then got 3% back from Ebates. I then sold the product nearly doubling the investment and making about $25 from Ebates.

A warning here, Ebates only pays out 4 times a year, so if you’re expecting to get paid out regularly this isn’t for you. But as a way to get a nice side income from time to time it’s perfect.

Again, to sign up click here.

Credit Cards

Credit cards have caused so much problems in my life, enough that I started this blog and dedicate a lot of time to getting them paid off. So, it seems strange to be using one for my business as I am. But instead of just putting things on my credit card and hoping I’ll be able to pay it off, I merely use it as a way to make even more money.

If I have cash in my account to buy merchandise, I’ll buy it with my credit card instead giving me cash back. It doesn’t make me rich by any means, but using credit cards this way means I’m starting to get back the large amount of interest I paid over the years.

Prescription Card

People get prescriptions filled everyday, some with no insurance. Because of this there are many discount drug programs out there. Working in the pharmacy for 11 years taught me all about these cards and how useful, and useless they are. I also found one that will not only save people some money but also make me some money in the process.

This is the largest of my “Misc. Income” every month. I printed out copies of the card and put them wherever I could knowing that people would find them and use them. It doesn’t make me much money but usually $60 to $100 a month for basically doing nothing.

Google Rewards

This is an app that just runs in the background of my phone. Every so often it will pop up and ask me a question about a place I’ve visited, or a website I went to and will give me anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00. It isn’t much and it isn’t everyday but slowly it grows and then I can use it to buy or rent movies or even books.


This is really more my wifes playground as she uses shopkicks as her hobby. You basically get kicks (points) for just going into stores, as well as scanning items in the store. After you save up enough kicks you can cash it in for gift cards, or things like an Ipad.

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