The 4 Pillars Of Personal Finance – Episode 31

Any building needs a foundation, the same is true of our finances.

Today’s guest shows us exactly what those pillars or foundations are.

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Today We Discuss

4 Prongs of Personal Finance – Dividend investing, personal finance (budgeting), passive income, travel hacking.

Million points/net worth/following.

Repaid over 55k student loans in less than 5 years, investing max in retirement accounts.

Blog great way to not only track progress but also to grow a following and help others to make the changes they need to.

People you teach become competition? Competition is good, it pushes you harder to reach goals or create better goals. It helps push not just you but everyone up

Lost $600 in a matter of minutes, took a step back, went outside and re-evaluated what he was doing.

Used student loans to travel, living off student loans to survive in a different country.

Learn from all small mistakes you make over time, and make sure you don’t replicate them or let them make things worse due to small mistakes.

view rewards points as a investment portfolio or as net worth or true assets

Why investing in individual stocks verses buying an index fund can be better

Do I know what a company does and how it makes money?

And so much more!

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