The Absolutely Awesome Conferences I Went To In 2018

2018 conferences

This year has been a little crazy in traveling, mostly for conferences.

I don’t regret going to any of these conferences, but I am a bit worn out because of all the travel.

Here are the conferences I went to, and my takeaways from each.

Podfest – Orlando

This was a quick trip up the road in Orlando. Not only was it not far, but I think this was one of the smaller conferences I went to. Though small, it was a great way to start the year.

As you know, I started my podcast in January of this year, so at this time my podcast was still very new. I would say the biggest thing I got from this conference wasn’t knowledge, it was connections.

I went to several sessions, and all were good. The best part though was meeting more people who would love to be guests on my show. People like Jacqui Letran who was on the show shortly after, which led to a great connection and friend.

I also was interviewed for The Money & Media Podcast while at the conference which was amazing. I love the FinCon team and this podcast is an extension of that conference, so it was truly an honor to be a part of.

Podcast Movement – Philly

Before I get into the conference itself, let me just say I LOVED Philadelphia. That city was amazing, the people were great, and the food, oh my goodness the food.

Reading Market has every kind of food you can imagine, and I mean EVERY. I was able to get food I usually only get in Maine. I was also able to get food I usually only get in the south, and I got a few local things as well, AKA a cheesesteak.

Now, as for the conference. This was the first conference I’ve ever gone to that I went to barely any sessions. When I say barely any, I mean I went to the keynotes and that was it.

Other than that I spent time talking with sponsors and other attendees. We had meetups, breakfasts, dinners, and all kinds of other things.

The best part of this conference to me was introducing a sponsor to the FinCon team, which lead to that sponsor being at FinCon. It was a really cool experience, and I was happy to give back.

Agents Of Change – Portland ME

The first year I went to this conference it was an excuse to go back home. This year, I went to the conference and going home was an added bonus.

Rich Brooks puts on a great conference, full of helpful, practical things you can do in your social media.

He also does this while maintaining the Maine “charm” making this conference of over 200 people feel like just a few friends hanging out. I buy my ticket for the next year at the conference every year now because I seriously love this conference.

FinCon – Orlando

My final conference for the year and I feel very good saying I saved the best for last.

FinCon really gave me my start, and I owe them so much. This was my second time going, and my first speaking gig. It was awesome.

Honestly, I again didn’t make it to any sessions other than the keynotes (other than my own), because I was talking to so many people. I caught up with old friends, made some new connections, and got some new Facebook ads clients which was great.

Next Year’s Conferences

So, where will I be next year?

Well, the short answer is, I don’t know. The long answer is here are all the conferences I may go to and why.


Podfest was so much fun this year, and the free giveaways will basically pay for the cost of the ticket.

Regardless of that, I have several friends that speak there every year, and I secretly would like to speak there myself.

Besides all that, it is just down the road, so it’s almost insane not to go.

Podcast Movement

I did like Podcast Movement this year, but I didn’t love it. The city was great, I think I enjoyed hanging out with my family more than the conference.

But, this year it’s just in Orlando, so it makes sense to go since it’s so close. I still haven’t decided if I’m going or not so we’ll see.

Agents Of Change

I got my ticket this year, but honestly, I may not be going.

I know I know, this is an AMAZING conference, but this year burned me out on all the travel so I’ll have to decide whether or not I’ll be going.

The reason I got the ticket was that the virtual pass is $99 and the pass at the even is only $150, so for $50 I have the option of going if I can, but I will at least get the training if nothing else.


If it is within my power, I will never miss a FinCon again. I got my start here, I spoke here, and most everything I do is through this community.

It is a must attend for me each year, and next will be no exception.

I want to speak again, however not really sure what I’ll speak on.


One of my heroes is putting together his first ever event in San Diego next July and nothing would make me happier than to go. Though, I may not.

The price isn’t bad, and I love California so that’s not it. But, next year I have to refocus my life and business, and I can’t justify the time or expense to go to this conference.

It makes me really sad, and I’m hoping something changes, but we’ll have to wait and see.

School of Greatness

Another conference I would love to go to but likely won’t. It’s in Columbus which is near family so I keep saying I’ll go visit my family for a bit and go to the conference at the same time, though it hasn’t happened yet.

If all works out well this year though I’ll be at this conference.


I’m going to be very honest here, I want to go to this conference just for the location.

I’m not saying it’s not a good conference worth going just to go, but I mean London… seriously why would I not want that?

Chris is an amazing guy and I’m 1000% (not a typo Rebekah) sure that this conference is worth it, but again likely won’t be going.

Social Media Marketing World

This has been on my list for 3 years now, and for 3 years I haven’t gone. It’s by far the most expensive of the conferences I want to attend, in an expensive city, but the one I want to go to the most.

As I’ve grown this business and started a Facebook Ad agency, I couldn’t do any of it without social media.

As it’s been explained to me, anybody that’s anybody in social media is there. I like to think I’m somebody, but maybe not? Regardless this conference is a must at some point.

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