The Complete Proven Guide To Selling on Amazon

Amazon FBA Complete Process

In the process of writing this article on Disease called Debt, I quickly learned that to write a complete guide to selling on Amazon would be impossible in a 700-word article. That being said a single article would also be too much.

So what I have decided to create a guide through the month with a post coming out every week talking about the different aspects of selling online.

For speed here are the articles in order:

    1. The Complete Process I Use To Sell On Amazon FB
    2. Where To Find Merchandise, And How To Know If It Will Sell
    3. Shipping Your Merchandise To Amazon
    4. 4 Reasons Not To Start An Amazon Business

What Is Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is Fulfilled By Amazon, the items that you sell will be handled by Amazon. This requires that you ship the items to Amazon, they take more of a commission than if you sold the items and sent them to the buyer individually.

Benefits Of Selling On FBA

Some people who look at selling FBA don’t want to lose any money so they would rather send everything themselves. The small loss of income, however, isn’t worth the hassle of having to ship everything out when it sells, especially if you want to turn this into a business.

First, you don’t have to spend the time to package each individual item when it is sold and ship it (something that will cost $3+), then deal with any customer service issue that arrives. This is both time consuming and can end up costing you more with the shipping fees would be.

Second, I have been selling 20 to 40 things a week on average for a month now, and that number is only going to go up as I continue this business. With that being the case consider storing all of those items, packaging every one as soon as it’s bought and shipping them. We live in a small apartment and barely have the room for the two of us let alone a few hundred random items to sell (as I write this I have 101 items at Amazon)

Why People Would Buy The Items

When I first started to explain this business to my wife she didn’t understand why people would buy things from me, that they can go to the store and get themselves. Not only that but sometimes I find items that there is no way that I or anyone I personally know would want but sell well on Amazon.

Why do people buy? First, just because something is readily available near me in Florida doesn’t mean that is the case throughout the US. So if I find something for a great price here and someone in Ohio wants it but all of them cost way to much then they will buy from me and save the money.

Second, people have become lazy when it comes to certain things, myself included. Sometimes I don’t want to go to a store, deal with the traffic to get there, the parking once I’m there, find the item, wait in line, and then deal with traffic again. And now with Amazons fulfilment where I can get some things the same day I order, whats the point in dealing with all of that?

What Will Be Discussed In This Guide

This will be a guide taking you from capital to profit in just a few months. It’s the guide I wish existed when I started, a step by step process.

We will discuss how to find merchandise to sell, and how to tell if it’s a good buy or not. We will go through the shipping process and how easy it can be. Finally we will go through what you can do once the merchandise arrives to be sold.


This is meant to be a stepping stone to help any who want to start selling on Amazon, I will be updating this post with any and all Amazon FBA information. If you at any time have any questions or need more help than this guide gives you, please leave a comment and I’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

If you are ready to start selling Amazon FBA and making a major change in your financial future, check out the same guide that helped me grow this into a multi 5 figure business. Note this is an affiliate link meaning I will receive a small commission at no charge to you. If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. Amazon FBA is like a base for everyone to sell products on Amazon! It is the awesome platform that can take anyone to the TOP on in few days. I have also sold many products using this platform and my experience is just outstanding.

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