The Simple But Not Easy Way To Build Relationships With Mike Yanda – Episode 25

We would all love to have a successful online business that we didn’t have to grow a brand for.

The idea of creating a system that brings clients to you sounds too good to be true.

Today’s guest started a business just like that, and we can too.

Today We Discuss

How to start a side hustle while working full time, or going to school.

How to build REAL relationships and have clients coming to you for work.

How to use Facebook groups to grow your brand.

Where you should be focusing your time depending on your goals.

And so much more.

Sites Mentioned

Red Dirt Marketing Co
Lap Top Empires
Mike Yanda


Bobby Hoyt interview
Lap Top Empires “What We Wish We Knew”
Facebook Side-Hustle Course
Facebook Ads For Bloggers Course

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