The Things I Do For Free

Working all day will drain you quick. Friends and family really help keep you sane, but hobbies do that too. Here are a few that I do.


It has probably been mentioned too many times this month that I enjoy reading. Fiction, non-fiction, business, cookbooks, I love all of it. I don’t have nearly enough time to read even working for myself now, but I’m hoping that will change.

Play Games

When I say “play games” you should realize that I don’t have any type of gaming console. I have computers, tablets, and smartphones that have simple games on them. I still enjoy Pokemon Go, yes it’s still a thing.

But mostly I enjoy board and card games. Life, Monopoly, and Chess though I’m not good at any of them I enjoy each of them.


I’m not a great cook, but I have some skills. I can make a decent dinner, and some people request a few of my meals. Making desserts is especially important to me as well I love dessert.

I learned how to cook because I want to eat good food, but don’t want to pay for it. Another great option if you want to learn to cook are things like Blue Apron where they send you all the ingredients pre-portioned out.

Listen To Podcasts And Audiobooks

Learning is important, and podcasts and books help educate me. However, they also entertain me. For instance the West Wing weekly showcases a show I have loved for years.

The Audiobooks really help when it comes to getting my reading done. They allow me to get other things, like cleaning or exercising, and still listen to things going on.

What Are Some Of Your Hobbies?

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  1. I strongly recommend hobbies with a demanding physical component. Distance running in this brutal summer heat and playing tennis when the concrete courts are 150 deg F really expands your ability to deal with minor discomfort. It is easy to get soft and weak in this air conditioned and indoor society. Plus doing things to the point of total exhaustion is a huge stress reducer. I’m sure it doesn’t sound like fun to a lot of people but my wife and I are over 60 and still pursuing physically demanding hobbies like running, tennis, mountain hiking and skiing. Of course we cook too (love Blue Apron!) and I read tons of blogs like yours and listen to podcasts but if I had to choose I’d select outdoor sports as my favorites and the most useful overall at improving my quality of life.

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