Top Things On My Bucket List

Setting goals is the only way to better yourself. The goal of getting in shape, getting out of debt. But a bucket list is so much more than that, a bucket list is goals that you want to do at least once, that you’ll regret if you don’t do. Here are a few of mine.

Debt Freedom

A main goal not only for this site but for me personally is to be debt free. Not only to get out of debt but stay out. I know that I could possibly get  a mortgage, or finance another car in my life I really don’t know. But my main goal is freedom from debt.

Travel To Europe

I technically have been out of the USA, but I don’t feel like I have. Growing up we lived next to Canada, a 15 minute drive. So we would go often for different things such as tubing, restaurants, or just shopping.

Also on my cruise a few years ago I went to Cozumel but was only there a few hours, and though I enjoyed it I’m sure I was only in the “tourist” area.

So, one thing I would love to do in my life is to go to Europe and stay for at least a month. I don’t want to go places as a “tourist” anymore I want to go places and live as a local so I find out what that place is really like.

Have A Office

My business is running on a Chromebook and no office, I’m writing this on my couch not a chair. I don’t have a desk, not even a place to put a desk. So I would love to have an office, not only to clean out the house of all the Amazon merchandise but also so I have a place to focus.

Going from “work mode” to “play mode” and not physically moving is difficult. The main reason it’s difficult is because I will often switch back to work mode because I just thought of something “real quick” I need to do and I end up working another few hours.

Having a set office where I do my work would help me keep focused while working, and help me be mentally present when I’m not working.

Financial Independence

I don’t need financial independence as long as I’m living the life I want, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have it. The thought of not needing to work, and only doing it because I want to sounds amazing. Maybe I’ll take months off and only work 6 months a year, maybe I’ll never work again, or maybe I’ll start a business that I work in the rest of my life.

Being financially free means that I own my time, I can do what I want when I want and it is a major goal of mine.

Speak At FinCon

I thoroughly enjoyed FinCon last year, and unfortunately will be missing it this year, but it is a goal to speak there. I would eventually like to get in to speaking, maybe make it another income stream, but I would love to give back to FinCon as without it I probably wouldn’t be able to do what I do.


These may seem simple for the most part, but I’m a pretty simple guy. What is on your bucket list?

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