Where I Want To Be In 10 Years

Have you ever heard that we often overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in 5? Imagine what we can do in 10, here is where I want to be in 10 years.


Before I lay out exactly where I want my business to be, I want to touch on an even more important area of life. My personal life.

Where I Live

In 10 years I would hope that I’m living somewhere that I actually want to live. I’ve lived in Florida for over 10 years and I haven’t liked it since I got here. It’s too hot, and there is WAY to many people here. The traffic is terrible, the heat unbearable, and I just want to go.

Maybe that means we’ll live in Southern Maine near my family. Or the Carolina’s as they are gorgeous as well. Wherever we live, it would need to have all 4 seasons, a nice forest, and mountains.

Who I’m With

My wife will always be by my side. She has endured me for 5 years so far and if she is willing, in 10 years she will be right there with me.

I can’t say that in 10 years I won’t have any new friends, in fact I hope I do. How boring is life if you aren’t making new friends? But, I also have some very close friends that I will never stop being friends with no matter how much distance is between us.

How Much Time I Spend On Travel

The majority of my life has been staying where I live when I’m on vacation. I’ve gone to California for FinCon, I’ve gone on one cruise, and that’s about it. Sure we’ve gone on a few weekend getaways to Orlando or something but that’s not really “leaving”.

I have recently traveled to a few places, South Carolina, Ohio, Maine, etc. And I love it and plan on traveling much more. I would love to go to a few more states, and then some global travel. Vietnam sounds like an amazing place, I have some friends in New Zealand, and the Dominican Republic, and could easily go and spend time with them.


My finances are in shambles, at least it feels like it is. I’m working on fixing it and have been for a few years now, but in 10 years my finances will be better. Here’s how.

My Business

I don’t know if I’ll still have the same exact businesses I have now. Maybe I’ll stop selling on Amazon, or I won’t be freelancing anymore, and most of my income comes from coaching, affiliate sales, and courses.

Later this year I’ll be trying some new things for my own brand. I won’t go into detail about them now but they should be exciting and will change the course of how my business grows in a way that I have no idea how it will go.

My Investments

Once I get out of debt I plan on starting to invest in index funds. It isn’t “fun” but it is smart. I’m planning on doing so to the amount that I can live off the interest of that money and have no need to work anymore. Can I gain financial freedom in 10 years? I plan on it.

Where Will You Be?

Let me know where you’ll be in 10 years in the comments.

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