Week In Review #3

Hello, and welcome to this weeks review. This is a truly enjoyable article to write each week because I think it’s important to follow as many personal finance blogs as possible in order to make informed decisions about your finances. Though personal finance bloggers are further down the road financially then others this doesn’t mean that you should follow every word they say, instead you should listen to many advisers, take in all the information and then make the best personal decision for you.

So here I discuss the top 5 articles from the week that I will take something away from, that I will implement in my life. What you find in these articles might not apply at all to you or your situation, or it may apply more so than in mine. It’s my hope that you decide the best course of action for you and then live the future life that makes you happy.

So without further ado, in no particular order here are my top five picks from this week.

1.The Ultimate Shopping Ban Guide: Part 1 on Blonde On A Budget

Cait is a very inspirational person, especially when it comes to creating and sticking to your own shopping ban. With this article she gives specific ways to start your own ban, whether for a year, a week, or a month.

Later this week I will start my own shopping ban and keeping track of everything, so stay tuned.

2.Wealthy Observations From The Golf Course on Budgets Are $exy

Ever since I read The Millionaire Next Door I have loved learning about those who are already at the end of their road to financial independence.  That’s exactly what you’ll get in this article here. The biggest thing I have got out of it is checking my car and exactly how clean it is.

3. The “Unexpected” Savings Plan-How To Keep Your Savings Account Stocked! on Debt Roundup

I, like Grayson, often will just spend my “extra” savings. From now on though thanks to this article I will be putting that money into savings instead of just buying lunch or more things.

4.“Satisfaction” Sucks. Do Something You Love on Retire 29

Eric never seams to disappoint when he writes something. So many people are “satisfied” with their job, they go through the rat race and think that is all there is.

It’s important to figure out exactly what you really want in life and focus on that and making sure that you are doing will bring the most happiness not “satisfaction”.

5.How To Get Taken Seriously As A Professional Freelancer on My Debt Epiphany

As you may remember from my very first, and tiny, income report one of my goal for life and this blog is to start a freelancing career. This is one of those articles I will go back to all the time to help me progress and keep on track.

In Case You Missed These

And from My own site this week we have

How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs

Wrap Up

I spent another week not driving much for lyft instead I spent time trying to figure out some automation techniques for social media and also setting up my email list. If you would like to get updates with the blog please sign up with the form on this page.

This week I’m off from my 9 to 5 and am going to see how much I can make with driving all week I’ll write a whole post about it next week.

How was your week? Did you accomplish all your goals? Any blog posts that I missed that you think would be good to read? Let me know in the comments.

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