Week In Review #6

Hello, and welcome to this weeks review. This is a truly enjoyable article to write each week because I think it’s important to follow as many personal finance blogs as possible in order to make informed decisions about your finances. Though personal finance bloggers are further down the road financially then others this doesn’t mean that you should follow every word they say, instead you should listen to many advisers, take in all the information and then make the best personal decision for you.

So here I discuss the top 5 articles from the week that I will take something away from, that I will implement in my life. What you find in these articles might not apply at all to you or your situation, or it may apply more so than in mine. It’s my hope that you decide the best course of action for you and then live the future life that makes you happy.

So without further ado, in no particular order here are my top five picks from this week.

1.Changing Careers on Budgets And Cents

So this one is technically NOT a blog post but is a podcast. That being said it is a absolutely amazing podcast. Since Carrie and Cait have started this podcast I have listened to every episode when it comes out and highly recommend that if you aren’t you start doing the same.

This Specific one really stands out to me though because it’s talking about changing careers, not just leaving and working for yourself (a goal of mine) but even leaving to go to another 9 to 5. Don’t burn bridges is a huge one you never know when you’re going to need someone from a past job.

2.House It Going In The Real Estate Market? on Freedom 35

I currently rent, my wife and I have spoken at length about buying but it’s not the right time. Right now we have far too much debt to consider a large purchase like a house.

Even if we were in the market the price of the house in this article would be way out of our price range. The real estate market goes in waves ups and downs and we’ll see what the future brings but right now it’s nice to just read about it.


3.You Weren’t Born To Pay Debt and Die On Blonde On A Budget

I spent over 4 years accumulating debt, and plan on getting out of it in no more than 2 years. This article really hits home for me because I can’t imagine paying debt forever, it sickens me to think of paying it at all but that’s my fault.

4.3 Strategies I Used To Grow My Blog Quickly on Millennial Money Man

Bobby really has done some amazing things with his blog and I hope he continues to. I’m so grateful to him for offering some tips on exactly what he did to grow his blog.

He grew his Twitter following by following many others and having some of them follow him back, I tried this and almost tripled my twitter followers in less than 48 hours. I’ll be continuing this for a little while longer until I have at least 1,000 followers.

The other thing he did was have guest posts on his site, so though I was going to wait for a while before having a guest post I’ll probably have some sooner rather than later, in fact if you are interested please email me or send me a message on twitter, or even just leave a comment and I’ll get in touch.


5.100 Writing Tips From My Favorite Bloggers on Retire29

Eric is a wonderful blogger, every time he posts he brings such great insights. This article is no exception, although it doesn’t have much to do with finances instead it’s talking about how to write on a personal finance blog.

Why does that come into the favorites than? Because writing on this blog is a main way I’m going to become the “future me” and the better my writing becomes the sooner that will happen.

In Case You Missed These

And from My own site this week we have

January Income Report


Wrap Up

I had a lazy week when it comes to my side hustles, no driving for lyft at all this week and very little work done on the site here, although I did follow Bobby’s ideas on how to grow my traffic and it seems to be working. Now I just have to produce more content for the increased traffic.


How was your week? Did you accomplish all your goals? Any blog posts that I missed that you think would be good to read? Let me know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Week In Review #6”

    1. I have grown my Twitter following from around 100 to over 500 in less than two weeks, my site traffic has gone up A LOT, it’s all helping a little at a time

  1. Thanks for compiling these great articles! I thought I followed a lot of personal finance bloggers but you have introduced me to some new ones. I really appreciate it!

    We all need a lazy week once in a while when it comes to side hustles. The little break will keep you motivated in the long run!

    1. I have never maxed out any account that is a goal of mine that I won’t reach until the debt is paid off, but it is awesome to hear about others.

  2. That s a good analogy, and I definitely leave the electronics to the Hubby, although I do have a rather weird thing for furniture assembly. It s like puzzles, they give me a little kick.

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