Week In Review #7

Hello, and welcome to this weeks review. This is a truly enjoyable article to write each week because I think it’s important to follow as many personal finance blogs as possible in order to make informed decisions about your finances. Though personal finance bloggers are further down the road financially then others this doesn’t mean that you should follow every word they say, instead you should listen to many advisers, take in all the information and then make the best personal decision for you.

So here I discuss the top 5 articles from the week that I will take something away from, that I will implement in my life. What you find in these articles might not apply at all to you or your situation, or it may apply more so than in mine. It’s my hope that you decide the best course of action for you and then live the future life that makes you happy.

So without further ado, in no particular order here are my top five picks from this week.

1.I’m Not Cheap, I Just Don’t “Overbuy” on Slowly Sipping Coffee

When I first moved out of my parents home and went grocery shopping I was still used to going to the store and buying for a large family. I cannot tell you how much food went to waste because of this but well I felt REALLY guilty about it.

This article talks about spending money on what’s important (like a good pair of jeans) but not spending on things just for the sake of spending money. Also if something makes you happy than by all means spend money on it, if it doesn’t bring value to your life well not so much.

2.‘Free’ Offers That Actually Cost You on Grow

Free is not always free, this article breaks down some of those free perks you are offered that will cost you money in the long run.

I usually give you some life experience or what I think is important about a specific article but it reminds me so much of my own article just read that and you’ll get my thoughts on the matter

3.I Own 28 Items of Clothing (And Only Wear 9 Regularly) on Blonde on a Budget

My wife got rid of most of my clothes after we got married and bought me new ones. I don’t know if it was the whole “I’m going to change you” or if she was just embarrassed her husband was wearing the same clothes over and over (most of which I admit were a little kid like).

She recently gave up trying to keep me from just wearing t-shirts everywhere and just got me t-shirts she likes, they are all a solid color (which I like) and on sale (which I also like). So now I have 6 shirts that I can wear with my 2 different pairs of jeans.

Cait, over at blonde on a budget, does the same thing and it works great not only for her but for thousands out there doing the same thing. Check out this article

4.Really Want to Pay Off Debt? You Might Need To Change Your Friends on Disease Called Debt

Friend’s are really the biggest influence on you. Think about it, when you have no money to go out your more than willing to go home and eat whatever you have to save money, but if your friends call you up and want to go out than you jump at the opportunity and spend money you don’t have.

Some times you do have to cut the cord or at least cut back from spending so much time with certain people, make sure whatever relationships you allow in your life are ones that bring you up not pull you down.

5.The Funnel Of Financial Privilege on Money After Graduation

I have never had money in my life, growing up we were dirt poor (we literally had to go out in the dirt and pick potatoes to have food). So the thought of someone else paying my bills, my student loans, my car payments, a house payment. Well it’s just crazy. But many my age (millennials) are having just that done for them.

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Nothing to report here

Wrap Up

This week I found someone near my house that asked if I would be willing to be her regular driver to work, not a long drive but I now make $5 on my way to work before I start my 9 to 5. The other thing that’s nice about this is that it counts as a prime time ride so if I get 10 a week with 25 total rides I get an additional 10% from lyft, this gets me half way there with the prime time rides just for picking up one person every day.

I have been a little lax with writing lately, I have such good ideas (at least I think so), and even have 3 or 4 started in the drafts on the site, just none of them ready to hit publish, I’m planning on working a lot this Wednesday to get caught up on a few of them as I will be out of town this weekend and not using technology at all (it’s my 4th wedding anniversary).

How was your week? Did you accomplish all your goals? Any blog posts that I missed that you think would be good to read? Let me know in the comments.

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