Week In Review #9

Hello, and welcome to this weeks review. This is a truly enjoyable article to write each week because I think it’s important to follow as many personal finance blogs as possible in order to make informed decisions about your finances. Though personal finance bloggers are further down the road financially then others this doesn’t mean that you should follow every word they say, instead you should listen to many advisers, take in all the information and then make the best personal decision for you.

So here I discuss the top 5 articles from the week that I will take something away from, that I will implement in my life. What you find in these articles might not apply at all to you or your situation, or it may apply more so than in mine. It’s my hope that you decide the best course of action for you and then live the future life that makes you happy.

So without further ado, in no particular order here are my top five picks from this week.

1.The Future You Are Saving For Does Not Exist at Money After Graduation

Many people look towards financial experts for advice, some look to friends and family. And you should get as much advice as possible, but at the end of the day you need to pick what you are going to do for yourself.

We don’t know what the future brings, something like this blog would have been impossible 20 years ago when people were asking what you wanted to do with your life. Social media marketer, website designer, app designer, none of these things really existed or was a option for something you would strive to become.

Things have changed and we need to be willing to change with them, this article talks about that and much more check it out.


2.10 Tips To Get Your Adult Financial Life in Order at Financial Girl

If you’re like me you stuck your head in the sand for way to long ignoring your finances. Say you made good money, and you just spent and spent because you had it. Or, you didn’t make good money and put it on credit card after credit card and now your thousands in debt. Regardless we all need to make sure our financial life is in order.

Finding out your credit score, setting a budget, having an emergency fund, preparing for the future are all things that you should have already done or be doing right now. This article talks about 10 of them and gives practical tips on how to accomplish each.


3.The Automatic Millionaire Book Review at Stay At Home Yogi

I think reading is one of the most important things you can do. I include it in education. Even if you haven’t been in school for years or your currently in school it’s important to realize that your education is never going to stop.

The book The Automatic Millionaire is one that I have looked at many many times and even have on my bookshelf but have yet to read. Not because it is not important but because I have so much to read that it’s very hard to keep up with it all.

This post is a very nice review that I personally think everyone should read in order to wet their appetite for the book.

4.Common Retirement Mistakes Made By Millennials at Retire by 40

The only smart thing I did before starting to take my finanacial life seriously was start a 401k. I felt I started late waiting 5 months after I turned 18 to start it, I now realize that most people that age never do.

After that though I made mistake after mistake and am paying for it now. As a millennial I wish that someone would have sat me down and told me about the things talked about in this article. I wouldn’t have made the mistakes I did make. But, no use crying over spilled milk pushing forward now and life feels good.

5.4 Lessons From 3 Years Of Frugaling at Frugaling

Sam has had his blog for 3 years now and shares his thoughts on what it has brought him.

He has gone from being in debt, to getting out of debt and living a life he enjoys. He is truly inspirational and someone we should all look at for advice. I hope to be able to share what I have learned after 3 years of this site. I hope I get to tell you that I am debt free, living a lifestyle I enjoy, and of course I will be

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Wrap Up

You may have noticed more articles this week than in many others. My goal is to continue that trend. May is going to be a huge month for me, Amazon sales are higher than ever before, I have blog content lined up and drafted for the whole month. I have freelance work to keep me busy all month, and a schedule for when I’m going to drive for lyft to make some extra income.

This is all my way of saying this week was not a fluke, from now on articles will be coming out every week, three a week just like this week. I will have a monthly theme planned out each month whether it’s about increasing income, decreasing debt, or a combination of the two.

So look out next week for this month’s theme on how to start and succeed a Amazon FBA business.

How was your week? Did you accomplish all your goals? Any blog posts that I missed that you think would be good to read? Let me know in the comments.

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