What If…

We all have what if’s, things we wish or wonder how our lives would be different if we had done them.

Though I have many I could talk about I’m mostly going to talk about 3 that would have affected my financial life.

I Started My Business Earlier

I worked for the same company for 11 years. I don’t regret that decision at all as it taught me a lot. However, what if I started my business earlier? I could have started selling on Amazon years earlier especially with the discount I had all those years. I had seen thousands of items go on clearance at Walgreens, and thought it would be cool to sell them but had no idea how.

Had I started earlier, I could have left my job sooner. More importantly though I could have avoided getting into debt in the first place. Making side income all along would have allowed me to dip into the savings it provided instead of running a credit card.

I Found A Different Job

For a time I was trying to find another job, I applied to several Pharmacy jobs. Eventually I gave up and just decided to go another way with my life, but what would have happened had I got another job?

I probably wouldn’t be self employed now, I probably would still be working at whatever job I got. Whether it was a hospital pharmacy, billing department, etc.

It would have taken time to become comfortable at the new job, then more time to become bored and unchallenged, and more time if they gave me the hours I wanted letting spend time with friends and family.

I Was Fired When I Was Fired

About 5 years ago I was technically fired from Walgreens. It was for something silly and ridiculous and that’s why the District Manager made sure I was allowed to keep my job. But what if he hadn’t stepped in? What if I had in fact lost my job?

First, I didn’t have any savings so I wouldn’t have been able to survive for long without going further in to debt. I would have had to take whatever job I could find even if it didn’t pay well because I had bills to pay.

At the time I was very grateful for not losing my job, but had I lost it maybe it would have pushed me to self-employment faster, maybe it would have lead me to moving in with friends or family

What Are Your What Ifs?

What do you think about? Where could or did your life change for the better or for the worse? How did you handle it? Let me know

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