What Is My “Dream” Job

If you were to ask me what I want in life I would say I want to sleep in, eat amazing food, and read the best books. Maybe add a scotch every so often and it’s perfect.

That’s not really a “job” but it is my perfect day. Now when it comes to a job I like to work, I like having something to do everyday. So here are some “dream jobs” I would love to have regardless of money.


I love to cook, it de-stresses me at the end of a long day and makes my wife happy. I may not be the best at cleaning, but cooking I can do.

I wasn’t always this way, there was a point that my idea of cooking was making Kraft mac and cheese. But through a lot of trial and error I was able to learn to cook simple things, than more complicated, to now where I feel anything is within my ability. I may not have learned how to make something yet, but with enough practice I’ll get it.

With that in mind I would love to work as a chef, especially at an Italian, Vietnamese, or sea food place. Why those? Because that’s my favorite kind of food and learning how to make those dishes the same way they would be at my favorite restaurants sounds amazing.

Massage Therapist

From as far back as I can remember I have given small back massages. I probably did everything wrong when I did them, but for the most part people enjoyed them very much. Not only that I enjoy helping people to feel better, because I know how much not feeling good can slow you down.

I’ve looked into the school programs in the area and all they offer, and maybe I’ll get in to it someday but as of right now it’s a long way off.


I love reading, I have always loved reading, and I’ve become decent at editing. I would love to sit down read a book and give my thoughts on it. I would love to help develop a story, or make sure that what someone wants to say is actually what they’re saying.

I know a lot of work goes in to editing, but I like to try to focus on the positive and leave the rest alone, or hire someone else to do that part.

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