What Is To Come?

I started this site nearly a month ago, put up a “coming soon” page and haven’t done much but check to see if anyone has added a comment. Though I haven’t done much of anything that you can see much work has been done on the back end that will make the site everything I want, and what I think you will enjoy.

Who Am I?

My name is Tyler Philbrook, I’m 26 years old married to a wonderful woman. I work full time as a pharmacy Technician, and part time in more side hustles than I can name in this short intro. After years of bad and then worse financial habits due to bad circumstances and decisions I have now accumulated an enormous (or at least what I consider to be) amount of debt ($20,000 in credit cards alone). After going down this path that was clearly not working I started searching the internet looking for anything that would help me. Eventually stumbling onto the personal finance blogosphere of which I hope to now enter.

Reason For The Blog

People start blogs for many reasons, the two main ones I can think of are to make money, or to document their life or events for friends/family/ and anyone who will listen. Though I do hope to make money online the main avenue will not be from this blog (more on that in a later post). My goal is to document my financial journey, first getting out of debt, then using the same money to save for the future and ultimately retire early.

After reading everything I can on personal finance and getting out of debt I can get my hand on for the last few years, I can positively say I am still not an expert. I don’t want to make anyone think that I am, I do enjoy finances and looking at how everything works. I also know (from reading all I have) that someone else who has “been there” can be more encouraging than anything else. I’m currently there and I hope that by having this blog up people can see the work I’m putting in to everything and when I’m successful that they too can do the same thing.

What Blog Will Contain

My goal is to do two posts a week, the first on Monday, or Tuesday every week which will be on various topics. Such as whats going on with the blog, what have I done to get out of debt, what have I done to make additional income, or anything else that I think will help keep track of my journey and hopefully encourage others to do something as well.

The second weekly post will come out Friday or Saturday. It will be a post of 5 different articles that I read from that week that I think everyone should read as well. I, like most people, read many many blogs and news articles every day and limiting myself to only 5 articles are going to be more difficult than I at first thought it would be but I’m going to do it just the same.

I will also have two monthly articles. The first will be a update of how I’m doing on my journey (exactly how much of the debt I have paid off, and eventually how much have I invested). I will also post exactly how much income I have made from my various side hustles and how much work was put into each of them.

The second monthly article will be on a book that I have read that month and think will be good for any one else as well. Like a lot of people who are striving to better themselves enjoy reading, or at the very least force themselves to read. I personally am a little bit of a book worm and have been most of my life. That being said though I could recommend a book every single week I’m going to limit it to one a month so that I don’t annoy those who aren’t interested in reading as much as the rest of us.

The pages that are to come are ones that most other sites have but should help you as well. The about me page will have a much longer history of me and exactly how I cam up with the name for the site. I will also have a blogroll of all the other blogs that I follow and subscribe to there email list. I’m going to have a resource page that will have everything that I use to keep track of my expenses, save money, learn about investing, and anything else that I use and would possibly help each of you.


I look forward to having discussions about finances with all of you, I look forward to expressing and learning along the way from my own experience as well as each of you. This is the first step in my journey and I’m so happy that you are taking this step with me.

In the comments let me know a little about you, a brief history of your financial life? What you’re goal is for the future whether distant or near. And if there is anything I could do to help you.

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3 thoughts on “What Is To Come?”

  1. I love this topic Tyler as I plan to tackle my debt, and obliterate it before 2017. I am following the methods used in the book: “The Richest Man in Babylon”. (My favorite book of ALL time.) In the book there’s a parable called the “Camel Trader of Babylon”, it tells the tale of a man who wanted so to give everything to his new wife and found himself buried in debt to the point where he lost it all. It then goes telling of how he turned it all around and dug himself out of his debt. I listen to this book almost every day to keep me focused.

    1. I love that book, I just read it for the first time last month (took about 3 months to get it from the library). What ever you choose to follow as long as you’re using a method and making forward movement on your debt/goals then you are doing the right thing

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