Why I Started Blogging

Blogging isn’t just something I do for fun, it’s crucial to my financial future. Not necessarily for my own site, but the blogging I do in my freelancing too. So why did I start blogging? To take advantage of my reader, I mean readers? Or something else? 

What I Wanted This Blog To Be

When I started this blog I wanted to talk about my credit card debt. To show how I was paying it off, and maybe get some freelancing work as well.

I do from time to time talk about my debt, though I don’t think I’m moving in the right direction or paying it off fast enough. I also talk about my methods, the income reports and how to guides on different side hustles I do. And because of having this site I have gained a few freelancing clients and hope to gain more.

But my ultimate goal for this blog has been to document my journey from debt to freedom. From being over my head in credit card debt to being financially free to do what I want when I want. I’m so confident that I will succeed that I’ve opened my life up to the public so that anyone can see my progress, or lack thereof.

What This Blog Has Become

When I started I thought my main source of side income would be from rideshare driving. However, the largest income source is by far Amazon FBA, providing well over 60% of my monthly income.

Though it’s nice to talk about the side income, and from time to time give debt updates, it isn’t enough. This site has become something I “have to do” rather than something I “want to”. Not because I don’t enjoy writing but because I’m writing so much for clients now that I’m wore out when it comes time to writing for myself. Hopefully with the changes in my life that won’t be a problem anymore.

Where This Blog Is Going

After the month of July, I plan on going to a once a week blogging schedule. Where as this month most of the articles are about me, my past, present, and future these articles will be more how to guides and practical tips. I also want to provide training’s for people who are trying to grow a Amazon business, or a freelancing one. I want to help people get out of debt and stay out.

I didn’t think I would be already but I’m considering hiring a freelancer myself to help with the articles, just so it isn’t just my voice and experience you have to read. I haven’t decided yet so please don’t email me about it, but keep in mind that when I do hire it will be to my email list first.

What Topics Do You Want To See Covered?

Which specific topics would you like covered in the future? More on Amazon FBA? Freelancing? Rideshare? Debt? Please let me know in the comments.

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